Men's Discovery Group Online

"Boys and men should not feel pressure to express their emotions in the same way that women do."   

Men face their own specific challenges, be it early childhood traumas, negative relationship experiences, depression, low self-esteem, difficulties in recognising and understanding strong emotions (shame, guilt) or issues with raising children.

Maintaining a safe men’s space proves to be effective in exploring such topics, facilitating deep emotional insights and valuable positive changes.

Next Sessions

     The Course will consist of FIVE MODULES

     COST £125 (plus £60 if you do a Self Encounter)

  • October 8 Module 1 
    - Sunday - 11am - 4pm UTC +0 / 1pm - 6pm UTC +2
  • October 22 Module 2 
    - Sunday - 11am - 4pm UTC +0 / 1pm - 6pm UTC +2
  • November 5 Module 3 
    - Sunday - 11am - 4pm UTC +0 / 1pm - 6pm UTC +2
  • November 19 Module 4 
    - Sunday - 11am - 4pm UTC +0 / 1pm - 6pm UTC +2
  • December 3 Module 5 
    - Sunday - 11am - 4pm 
    UTC +0 / 1pm - 6pm UTC +2


FREE Introductory Meeting

PLUS 5 Modules @ £125


Timings 11am - 4pm UTC +1 / 1pm - 6pm UTC +3. The online meeting room will be open at 10.30am UTC +1/ 12.30pm UTC +3 so that you can arrive and check your sound and video.  We will take short breaks between Self Encounters. 

There will be 3 working places, selected by lottery. 



Once you book your group place (alongside) you can make your card payment via Square by clicking the relevant link below:  

Men's Group - 5 modules

Self Encounter - Additional Payment


There is a charge of £25 to join each workshop.  If you would like to do your own therapeutic process, the cost for this is an additional £60 per process.  Each participant will have the opportunity to do 2 Self Encounters during the course of 5-modules) 



You will receive a workshop confirmation letter with a link to enter the online meeting room in the week leading up to the workshop.  There is no password.


Please make sure you have a private space from which to participate.  To ensure privacy for all, no one else should access your room or your computer during the session. 

MARIA GREEN began her IoPT journey and training in 2012 with Vivian Broughton & Professor Franz  Rupperts' residential International Practitioner Training, Denmark and Munich.  Following this training, Maria spent 2 years as an apprentice  practitioner  on Vivian Broughton's International Training, UK (2017 and 2018).


Maria currently offers Group Workshops and Individual Sessions, both online. She has twice presented workshops at Franz Ruppert's International Trauma Conference: My Healthy Self: Intimate and Vulnerable (Oct 2020) and A Mother's Journey, (Oct 2016).   

"As the mother of two teenage children, I feel grateful for the journey IoPT has taken me on. It has kept my focus on healing my own trauma rather than blaming or pathologising my children for how I feel.  Parenting is a key area where unresolved trauma confronts us and we either take responsibility for our pain or we pass it on." 

PAVEL EFIMOV is a certified IoPT facilitator and educational provider of IoPT trainings in Russia.  He studied Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Theory with Franz Ruppert, Vivian Broughton, Martha Thorsheim and Christine Wong. 


Pavel previously studied Christian psychology and Social psychology,  and holds degrees in Finance and Civil Law and worked in finance or over 20 years.


“My own journey to know myself better led me to powerful insights about my earlier unconscious, painful and traumatic emotional experiences.

With kind support of my teachers and colleagues and courageous trust of my clients I want to stay on this track and support others in their healing journeys. I believe the quality and meaning of one’s life directly depends on the level of integration of the deepest splits in one’s psyche.”

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