MARIA GREEN      In 2012 I attended a Franz Ruppert lecture which led on to 5 years of IoPT International Practitioner Training with Vivian Broughton and Franz Ruppert.


I currently offer Group Workshops and Individual Sessions, both online. 


I have twice presented a workshop at Franz Ruppert's bi-annual International Trauma Conference: My Healthy Self: Intimate and Vulnerable (Oct 2020) and A Mother's Journey, (Oct 2016) I am continually exploring the issue of emotionally healthy contact.  I feel the key to productive relationships, is to know oneself.  By exploring the identity-oriented questions: "Who Am I and What Do I Want?" we can support the healthy evolution of our psyche. I believe it's a lifelong journey to gracefully navigate living symbiotically AND autonomously with others. The inevitable challenges and triumphs that characterise close relationships, offer a rich opportunity for healing early trauma

I regularly meet with a supportive peer group to continue to explore and develop my healthy self.  I also regularly attend Practitioner Seminars and Training events with Franz Ruppert, to enhance 
my personal and professional life.   


I live in West Sussex with my husband and our two teenage children.    

I am covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Contact: 07557 410 381     mariasterianos@gmail.com     



"Lucy and Maria's approach to this work is both gentle and incredibly insightful.  The way they work demonstrates a deep respect for their clients and what we bring as our intention for our selves.  They are adept at creating and holding a safe space, which is so very important when working with trauma in a group setting.  The results are profound, and in my experience, positively life changing."   -- Kate


"Working with this process is both challenging and enlightening and can push you out of your comfort zone.  Maria and Lucy lead you through this process with great compassion born out of their own experiences as participants and working with Identity Therapy.  Things I like about this therapy are that you are never required to share or do anything you don't want to and rather than attempting to teach you behaviours or techniques to cope better with life, the goal is to address the underlying issues to have a better life."   -- Nicola 


"Maria and Lucy bring to this work deep professional and personal experience.
The clarity and integrity they demonstrate created a safe and sensitive environment for me to take another step towards myself."  -- Limor