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On this page you will find links to IoPT events, as well as relevant films, talks and books relating to the trauma theory and method of Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy...

Trauma Informed Societies

Please join us at the newly launched website - IoPT Informed Societies - for trauma-conscious conversation, development, educational and therapeutic opportunities.  The awareness of Early Trauma is key to constructive change at a personal and societal level.  Without looking at our individual bonding and attachment trauma, our relationships are frequently overwhelmed by an imagined struggle for survival. Conflict and competition have become defining priniciples of personal and political exchange.  IoPT is a tool for bringing the internal victim and perpetrator into balance, so that the value and appeal of co-operation can increase and take precedence in all our interactions: Every word, every deed, every day.

Further Reading

Below are core texts by Franz Ruppert and Vivian Broughton, exploring Franz Ruppert's Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy and The Intention Method.  All available from Amazon.  In addition I recommend the seminal texts of Alice Miller, (see below) a pioneer in casting a sympathetic light on the suffering of childhood.


About Franz Ruppert

Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert is Professor of Psychology at the University of Applied Science in Munich, Germany.  He gained his PhD in Work and Organisational Psychology at the Technical University of Munich in 1985.
Since 1995 he has specialised in psycho-therapeutic work, with a particular focus on the aetiology of severe mental disorders. This led him to an in-depth study of attachment processes and trauma and the resulting impact of early traumatisation on the infant.
Ruppert teaches in Germany and many other countries, furthering his insights into the deeper trans-generational effects of trauma across cultures, and researching the methodology of Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy as a means of better understanding the effects and healing of trauma.

About Vivian Broughton

Vivian Broughton has been a psychotherapist in private practice since 1989.  She met Professor Franz Ruppert in 2004 and has been collaborating with him ever since.  From 2010 Vivian's work developed along the model of Identity-oriented Trauma that Franz Ruppert proposes.  Vivian established an International Trauma Training in 2012, originally in Denmark until 2015 when this Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy Training  moved to London.

She has authored 3 IoPT books: Trauma and IdentityThe Heart of Things: Understanding Trauma – Working with Constellations and Becoming Your True Self: A handbook for the journey from trauma to healthy autonomy, which has also been published in Dutch and German, and is soon to be published in Swedish.

In addition Vivian posts regular blog pieces on a variety of topics connected with her work and Ruppert's Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy on her website.



Alice Miller (12 January 1923 – 14 April 2010)

      "Experience has taught us that we have only one enduring weapon in our struggle against mental illness:

  the emotional discovery and emotional acceptance of the truth in the individual and unique history of our childhood."


Alice Miller was a Polish-Swiss psychologist, psychoanalyst and philosopher and intellectual who is noted for her books on parental child abuse. Her book The Drama of the Gifted Child caused a sensation and became an international bestseller upon its English publication in 1981. Her views on the consequences of child abuse became highly influential. In her books she departed from psychoanalysis, charging it with "remain[ing] in the old tradition of blaming the child and protecting the parents" .