"Conflict - inside or outside - is the destructive and devastating expression of powerlessness. The avoidance or denial of our accumulated primal trauma feelings - rejection, abandonment, betrayal - creates emotional pressure that eventually explodes on the world, or in our relationships. If we take the risk and responsibility of feeling and processing our suppressed emotional pain, we feel peaceful inside and out.  Every individual has the power to  reduce the collective burden, by taking their personal pain and grief seriously.  With increased self awareness we can recognise the significance of our individual contribution to the whole of life."

                       Maria Green, March 2022

Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy                 "Who am I and What do I want?"

Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IoPT), developed over the past 30 years by Professor Franz Ruppert is effective in addressing the physical and emotional health issues now associated with Early Trauma.  His Intention Method, a unique exploration of the psyche, consistently demonstrates that we can re-integrate our split-off trauma in a step by step process.  The resulting inner shift forms the basis of an increasingly healthy identity, from which healthier relationships can be experienced, with ourselves and others.


"My relationship with myself forms the blue print of my relationship with others.  My relationship with others, illustrates the state of my relationship with myself. "