Groups with Lucy

I am currently offering regular topic-based workshops online, which are limited to a maximum of 11 participants - there will be 4 working places and 7 participant places available on each day.

If you are new to IoPT, or if you have questions, please contact me


For details about working together in person, please see the bottom of the page.

Upcoming workshops

Healthy Parents, Healthy Child

Saturday 10th October ONLINE

9.30am - 6.30pm (UK Time)


What does it mean, to be a healthy parent?


Unresolved early trauma (in utero, birth & infancy) forms the blueprint of what is possible for each of us, when we become parents ourselves.


If we are not wanted for who we are, not loved in a way that is healthy, and not protected from danger – both inside and outside of our family environment – we do not have within us the necessary resources to truly want, love and protect our own children.


When we begin to take our own trauma seriously, to acknowledge and start to feel our own split-off pain, then we automatically become clearer about who we are and what we want out of life. From this standpoint, we can start to see our children for who they are, and to value and cherish them, as we become able to value and cherish the younger parts of ourselves.


Children who have been carrying the burden of their parents' unresolved trauma - in the form of physical or mental 'illness', addiction or 'behavioural disorders' - can start to relax once their parents attend to themselves.


This workshop is open to parents, adoptive parents, foster parents, parents-to-be, and anyone who works with or cares for children or young people.



All these workshops will take place online

Full details on booking.

working place: £85 (a chance to work on your own personal issue)
participant place: £45 (an opportunity to observe and participate in others' work)*
*If there is time it may be possible to do your own personal exploration. If you do take up the option to do a process you will be required to pay the £40 difference in price on the day.


To book your place please contact Lucy.


 9.30am-6.30pm (UK time) Saturday 10th October



I am facilitating this online course, which consists of four 2-day weekend modules, September - December 2020.

For more information please visit our Events & Resources page, or you are welcome to contact me

Working together in person


Whilst I acknowledge the power and effectiveness of online work, it is also important to me to keep up the practice of working together in person, especially at a time when we are potentially at risk of becoming estranged from ourselves and others as a result what is happening in the 'outside' world.


For more information about face-to-face individual sessions, please contact me


I also intend to start up an ongoing support group for parents in Sussex this autumn ~ to register your interest please contact me