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Online Introductory Courses ~ small, closed group learning

Online Introductory Course in IoPT

Four 2-day modules  - Winter/Spring 2022

Module One: 22nd/23rd January 2022
Module Two: 12th/13th February 2022
Module Three: 5th/6th March 2022
Module Four: 26th/27th March 2022

10am-6pm UK time
Price: £695


* Limited places available *



 This course is an introduction to IoPT Theory and The Intention Method, as developed by Professor Franz Ruppert (Munich) over the past thirty years. It is open to all those interested in the topic of trauma, who wish to explore their own personal issues in a safe, closed group.

Facilitated by Lucy Jameson, the course will comprise experiential personal work, alongside some basic theoretical explanation and discussion.

Together we will explore the impact that early trauma has on our psyche, and what we can do to redress its effect on our everyday lives.

No prior experience is necessary - just a willingness to explore yourself, and this method, in a safe group setting.

This course can also be a useful starting point for anyone who is considering becoming an IoPT practitioner.


For more details or to book your place please contact me