Americas/UK/Europe Online Sessions

The timings of these sessions are best suited to the Americas, UK and Europe, however participants from other locations are welcome, please check times for your region.  

 "The phenomena of resonance used in all forms of IoPT Intention Therapy, is an organic and experiential phenomena and is equally effective either in face to face or on-line workshops."      Franz Ruppert

Next Sessions

  • Feb 10 Saturday
    9am-2pm Pacific Daylight Time / 5pm-10pm UK  
  • Mar 9 Saturday
    9am-2pm Pacific Daylight Time / 5pm-10pm UK  
  • Apr 6 Saturday
    9am-2pm Pacific Daylight Time / 5pm-10pm UK  
  • May 4 Saturday
    9am-2pm Pacific Daylight Time / 5pm-10pm UK  
  • Jun 8 Saturday
    9am-2pm Pacific Daylight Time / 5pm-10pm UK  
  • Jul 6 Saturday
    9am-2pm Pacific Daylight Time / 5pm-10pm UK  

The ZOOM meeting room will be open at 8.45am PDT / 4.45pm GMT so that you can arrive and check your sound and video.  We will take short refreshment breaks between processes.

The group size will be up to 15 people, with up to 3 working places


There are two options to join the workshop:

Option 1:   £95 to do a Self Encounter

                   (your own therapeutic process)



Option 2:   £25 to observe and resonate and learn


Please register for 1 option opposite and pay below.



Once you book your group place (alongside) you can make your card payment via Square by clicking the relevant link below:  

Self Encounter (Your Own Working Place)

Group Attendance (Observe and Resonate)


If there is time for additional processes, you may be able to upgrade to a working place, in this case you'll be required to pay the extra fee after the event. 



You will receive a workshop confirmation letter with a link to enter the online meeting room in the week leading up to the workshop.  There is no password.


Please make sure you have a private space from which to participate.  To ensure privacy for all, no one else should access your room or your computer during the session.  

WORKING PLACE - Self Encounter

An opportunity to do your own therapeutic process



An opportunity to observe, resonate and learn.


Working Online



If this is the first time you have attended an online event with me please read my Conditions of Event Form below. 

By joining this workshop you are confirming that you have read and agree to these Conditions. 


Conditions of Event
Conditions of Event (4) (2).pdf
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